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TooMoo 220

Saturday 30th April 2016

Like most crazy ideas the TOOMOO was hatched out of a "wouldn't it be great if" moment, while riding yet another loop ride,  Dave Fellows wanted to set himself a challenge of completing a a big ride and figured, like a horse,  he would only maintain momentum if he was headed for home!

The TOOMOO is certainly not a race;  it is a non drop ride in the traditional sense however, at 220 kilometres and 2,000 metres of elevation gain the TOOMOO is designed to take you out of your comfort zone and test you.

This year was a ride like no other,  every type of weather imaginable,  friendships old and new and an inspiring effort from all involved.  The motivational cows were spectacular as always and provided just what was needed when the riders needed a lift,  in spirit or in the sag wagon!

What an emotionally charged thrill it was for ideas man Dave Fellows to remove the cover on a colourful TOOMOO vehicle he proudly handed over on behalf of the cyclists who raised enough funds to purchase and brightly emblazon the vehicle with positive cycling message in the community,  thanks to Steve Baker Signs for their creativity. 

The 'Cow Car' as it is affectionately known is a welcome addition to our fleet and our front line team are seen zipping all about the Coast in it attending to the needs of the families and kids we proudly serve.

Huge thanks to all involved - see you out there again soon!