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A Shining Example
Thursday, March 19, 2015

At SunnyKids we spend a large percentage of time working with at-risk children and their families. We also spend a large portion of time in the community raising awareness and funds to ensure that we can effectively support and deliver the much-needed services we provide. 

Over the years we have had the pleasure of meeting and working with inspired business leaders, dedicated community members and passionate advocates. We are always grateful for any connection and support we receive, and then sometimes we come across a story, a supporter, an advocate that not only inspires us, they embody the very essence of the organisation and why it exists.

Back in October 2013, SunnyKids was fortunate enough to meet a young 11-year-old girl named Cassi. Cassi made contact with SunnyKids after she heard a radio ad for our 2013 Millsy’s Donation Drive. Inspired to help others, the then 11-year old emailed SunnyKids  and promptly donated $40 to sponsor a child – she paid for that donation with the first money she had earned busking at Mooloolaba. 

Grateful and inspired by the actions of this young girl, SunnyKids wanted to support her in her dreams of playing music and that year she performed at the SunnyKids Christmas party to rave reviews. From there she has worked tirelessly to be the example doing everything she can to pursue her passion. Cassi comes from a family that struggles. She is home-schooled, her dad is a FIFO worker and because they could not afford guitar lessons, Cassi taught herself – watching tutorials on Youtube. Shortly after performing for the SunnyKids audience Cassi was selected in a handful of lucky hopefuls (Australia-wide) to participate in a country music workshop in the Country Music Festival in Tamworth. Cassi had no laptop or other gear to take to Tamworth let alo

Cassi writes all of her own music, is dedicated to her own success regardless of circumstance and has a heart bigger than most. In the last yeas she also reached the last stages of entry for one of our TV Talent shows, and when the producers asked her if she wanted to be famous, she replied, “Only if it helps people.” ne the costs of getting there.  However the SunnyKids community loved her, loved her story and donated cash in the days after the Christmas party to make it happen. Last year she sang at My Dad's Day Out and in the first weeks of 2015 she won an awesome prize at the Country Music Festival again, this time in the intermediate arena. 

Cassi may not have come to SunnyKids in the traditional route; she is however a shining example of what is possible when a child is given the opportunity to reach their full potential. Take some time to check out her music at you will not be disappointed!

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