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School Holidays - a great time to connect and create!
Wednesday, April 08, 2015

It is that time of year again… School holidays! Sometimes it feels like the time the kids are at home outweighs the time they are in the classroom! Holidays are a great time (if you can get some time off too) to bond with your children and enjoy discovering and experiencing new things together.  The time you invest in your children now is an investment in their future wellbeing and your relationship. Doing activities, seeing films and exploring your home town are great ways to create strong bonds, and ensure that your child feels valued and secure in their worth. 

I know of many parents who have 2 or more children going on “date days” outside of regular family time. Each parent will periodically plan and go on a date with one of their children – just the two of the them – to reconnect and check in. Date Days are a great concept and further enhance your ability to connect with the individuality of your children.  Sometimes it can be difficult to navigate time pressures, so whether it is a daddy/daughter date, a mummy  & son adventure or an all-together family affair, I implore you to find some time these holidays to get away from the screens and out into the sun to discover something new, or even re-discover something old. 

For parents on the Sunshine Coast, there is a great list of ideas to inspire your next adventure with your loved young ones on the Sunny Coast Kids website:

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