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National Literacy Program - The Good Man Project

In The Good Man Project we see what it means to be a good man through the eyes of a young Australian boy,  Jake. Once he works out what  a good man really is, it turns out to be more common that he first thought.  he sees that a good man may be brave, but he isn't afraid to show his feelings,  he may be a leader, but he never controls, and he may be strict, but he never deliberately harms others.

Alarmingly,  the incidence of domestic and family violence is at an all-time high and Australia is coming to terms with its prevalence in our communities.  We've become aware, and now it's time to start preventing it.

The propensity towards domestic violence starts in childhood; frequently when children grow up in violent contexts, but we can break these intergenerational cycles.

The Good Man Project is a book aimed at children 10-12 years and tackles this issue sensitively,  it explores what it means to be a good man and promotes positive, healthy family relationships.

The comprehensive teaching guide has been developed to further explore the concepts in the book, with activities and projects designed to help our children navigate their way through adolescence and into adulthood.

The book has been delivered FREE to every primary school in Australia with thanks to our partners, Aussie World, Firefly Education and John Pearson Consulting.

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