Mayoral Ball Sponsorship Spotlight.

Shining a light on our 2023 Mayoral Ball Sponsors.

LJ Hooker Mooloolaba | Mountain Creek

Jodi Price, Director of LJ Hooker Mooloolaba | Mountain Creek has been a loyal supporter of SunnyKids for over 10 years. It’s very clear that Jodi’s love for her local community runs deep, playing an active role in connecting people from all walks of life. To have the LJ Hooker Mooloolaba | Mountain Creek team support us at this year’s Mayoral Ball, means the world to us.

“I met the SunnyKids team ten years ago when we started a Christmas campaign called ‘A Little Ray of Giving’. It was during this time that I learnt a lot more about SunnyKids and what they do. The work that goes on behind the scenes is incredible and there is so much that can never be told about what the SunnyKids team face on a daily basis. We are so very proud to support such a fantastic organisation,” says Jodi.

LJ Hooker Mooloolaba | Mountain Creek has had a little face-lift in the last year, but the team hasn’t changed, they are the same bunch of incredible humans, with the same values. Priding themselves on having established a strong culture within their team that places the customer at the centre of everything they do. The team offer a full suite of real estate services from sales to property management with many trusted referral partners from conveyancing to finance.

In-between selling homes and managing properties, Jodi plays an active role in her community. “Each year we hold an annual Great Mountain Creek Easter Egg Hunt for the community. This is not only a brilliant fundraiser for SunnyKids, but it also raises much needed awareness about domestic and family violence. With over 500 families in attendance, the most rewarding part for me is connecting with the families who want to know more about SunnyKids. Many families want to know more about the work they do, as well as find out how they can support such an important cause. Being able to create awareness and know that this could help more families on the Coast, is a highlight for me”.

Our loyal supporters such as LJ Hooker Mooloolaba | Mountain Creek, are an invaluable part of the SunnyKids village, helping us raise much needed awareness in our community on the devastating impacts of domestic and family violence. We truly do believe that through collective action, we can help thousands of children who are directly impacted by domestic and family violence, have the chance at a much brighter future.

“My husband and I have been lucky to raise a beautiful son, who grew up in a happy, healthy home environment, with the luxury of never knowing what it means to really go without anything. Yet I have witnessed first-hand in my own childhood, through other family members, how different things can be. We believe that giving back is not simply about turning up to an event or donating some money, even though this financial support is also crucial. We believe giving back is also about giving our time to the local community that has given so much to our family. If we can all give a little back and make a positive change in another family’s life, then collectively we will have a much greater impact,” says Jodi.

“I like being a part of the SunnyKids village because I know we’re making a difference to the lives of children on the Sunshine Coast. Everyone in the SunnyKids team is so passionate about their role and we always feel a part of their village,” Jodi says.

We’re so incredibly grateful for the support of Jodi and her team at LJ Hooker Mooloolaba | Mountain Creek. It’s through these relationships and ongoing commitment that we’re able to continue to provide vital support for thousands of families and children, right here on the Sunshine Coast.

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