Mayoral Ball Sponsorship Spotlight.

Shining a light on our 2023 Mayoral Ball Sponsors.

Gold Buyers Online


Most of us are familiar with the Gold Buyers Online pop-up stores around Queensland. With three stores on the Sunshine Coast and one on the Gold Coast, this humble small business managed by Tanya McDonough is your one-stop shop for selling old or unwanted jewellery. What makes this small business extra special is that the owners are extremely passionate about giving back to their local community.

While Gold Buyers Online have only been supporting SunnyKids for one and a half years, the impact of their generosity has been widely felt. As one of this year’s Mayoral Ball sponsors, we couldn’t be happier to have Tanya and the Gold Buyers Online crew by our side.

Many of our supporters, like Tanya, admit that supporting locals and helping break the cycle of hardship for people on the Sunshine Coast is what draws them to our cause. “SunnyKids stood out to us as offering a wealth of support to locals. Having researched various charities, we were looking for a local charity that helped families right here in our community,” says Tanya.

In the last year, SunnyKids have helped almost 2,500 individuals within families. That’s over 1500 children living next door to us, right here on the Sunshine Coast. The demand for our services continues to increase year on year. With ongoing support from our sponsors like Gold Buyers Online, we’re able to continue to deliver our vital work in our community.

“Hearing about the great things that SunnyKids are doing and the heart-warming stories of families that have been helped, is why I like being a part of the SunnyKids village. There’s a great sense of community and this is a highlight for me,” Tanya says.

We continue to be moved by the generosity of those on the Sunshine Coast. Many come to us asking for ways that they can help, whether this be financial, in-kind or volunteering. It’s these acts of kindness that remind us of the incredibly important work that we do and the strong sense of community action to drive meaningful change.

“Without the support of our local Sunshine Coast community, our stores wouldn’t exist. We feel the very least we can do is give back to the community that supports us. To know that there is a charity out there, like SunnyKids that is making such a positive impact on families in need around us, we feel very lucky to be a part of that and be able to help, where we can,” says Tanya.

Our village of supporters, both big and small, all want one thing, to break the cycle of hardship in our community. To give children and families a fair go. To see real change in our community so that locals doing it tough can get the support they need to thrive.

Our SunnyKids village of supporters enables us to continue this vital work in our community so that meaningful change can happen. We’re extremely grateful for the continued support of the Gold Buyers Online team. Without our generous SunnyKids village, much of the critical work we do in our community just would not happen.

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There are many children who need help and just aren’t getting it. Early intervention is critical to ensure these kids reach their full potential.