Mayoral Ball Sponsorship Spotlight.

Shining a light on our 2023 Mayoral Ball Sponsors.

Pacific Ford

Craig McPherson and Chris Kilpatric of Pacific Ford are loyal supporters of SunnyKids. While there’s no doubt that Ford vehicles and anything car related is their specialty, they also have an overwhelming desire to help our most disadvantaged children.

“Pacific Ford have been a part of the local community on the Sunshine Coast since 1986. We live in such a caring and generous community, so it’s important that all businesses consider giving back to the community that supports them,” says Craig.

Devoted supporters like Craig and Chris of Pacific Ford are often drawn to SunnyKids because they’re keen to see change in our community. They’re after real action on the ground and want to help break the cycle of violence and disadvantage. “For us, being a part of the SunnyKids village is about knowing that the kids, the most vulnerable in our community, are being looked after by an incredible team. It is knowing that there is a place for them and that makes us happy to be a part of something more,” says Craig.

SunnyKids continues to grow and offer a wide range of programs and services on the Sunshine Coast for families and children experiencing hardship. With the ongoing support of our sponsors and partners, we’re able to ensure these programs continue and develop. “As a SunnyKids supporter, a highlight for us is seeing the great work that SunnyKids does in our local community, seeing these results and seeing this change in our children,” says Craig.

“SunnyKids enables us to connect with our community and we get to form new and valuable connections with other like-minded businesses in different settings during events and networking opportunities,” says Craig. Our SunnyKids supporters continue to be a vital part of our organisation and we make a conscious effort to involve and connect with our supporters as often as possible. We truly do believe that through connection and community, we can help families and children overcome hardship.

We continue to be overwhelmed by the generosity of our loyal sponsors. Their ongoing commitment to SunnyKids and all that we do in our local community says a lot about them and their desire to see change. We know that through building a village of SunnyKids supporters, we’ll be able to continue the vital work we do in our community.

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