“Becoming a Queen Again”


Supporting women in their own journey of recovery has always
been central to our work at SunnyKids.

Research, information and education on the logistics of how to
recover as a survivor of domestic and family violence is limited. We have
had the amazing privilege of supporting Shirley in her discovery of who
she is as a woman transitioning from being controlled to being in control,
whilst coping with the impacts of fear, trauma and desolation. Witnessing
the tremendous strength of Shirley as she has shifted from survival, to
starting a new chapter in her journey.

We have witnessed Shirley adapting to new ways of being,
navigating her post-traumatic symptoms while building her personal
competence and acceptance of self. Her experience and story, we believe,
will support other women in their own individual process to become
women of resilience and strength and we wanted to be an integral part of
developing this resource with Shirley to assist others to become a Queen!

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