Ferre De Deyne – Big Kart Track

Ferre De Deyne is the owner of Big Kart Track, one of the Sunshine Coast’s major tourist attractions and the largest commercial kart track in Australia! He is also one of the founding members of our SunnyKids P100 Village, demonstrating an enormous passion for helping vulnerable children on the Coast have the best chance at life.

Ferre’s thrill seeking tendencies and unrelenting capacity to inject fun into whatever he sinks his teeth into, is prevalent in the work he does both on and off the track. “A definite highlight for me as a P100 member was the launch event at Big Kart Track,” says Ferre.

Each quarter we meet with our P100 members and use this opportunity to mingle and get to know the people behind the generosity. We get to showcase what we’ve been up to and use this time together to draw on our collective expertise to create meaningful change in our community.

These events are often a highlight for both our P100 members and the SunnyKids team. “Being a P100 member for SunnyKids has meant that I get to network with a group of people that care,” Ferre says. Our regular events are really an opportunity for us to thank our P100 members for their ongoing support and generosity and talk about the incredible impact their commitment to our cause is having in our community.

For founding members such as Ferre, giving back to the community in which they live is at the heart of their actions. Driving change locally and seeing action locally. SunnyKids continues to work tirelessly in the community to educate people on the impact of domestic and family violence. We’re determined to break the cycle of violence.

Sadly, children continue to be the innocent victims living in unhealthy relationships, it’s hard for them to make sense of it all, often resulting in trauma that has long lasting impact. “It’s important to give back, the children are the future, so we need to take care of them,” says Ferre.

We are reminded each day of the overwhelming sense of generosity alive in our community. It’s these acts of kindness and the ongoing support of our P100 members that enable us to continue this vital, life-saving work. We’re extremely grateful for the ongoing support of Ferre and his team at Big Kart Track, it really does take a village!

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