What we do

Domestic and Family
Violence support


Women’s and children’s
DV Accommodation

Counselling and
family support

We provide a social and emotional safety net for thousands of children and their families in Queensland.

Our unique Virtual Village practice model guides our framework, providing wrap-around support services to children and their families.

We actively work within schools and early education settings, providing creative and innovative solutions for children experiencing adversity. We partner with health and education service providers to link children and their families with the care they need to get back on their feet.

We also provide over 8,000 nights of emergency accommodation to vulnerable adults and children each year and offer domestic violence and referral counselling to local families in need.

Children are at the very heart of everything we do
To ensure the safety of every child we’ll continue to educate and inform our community about the devastating impacts of family and domestic violence. Early intervention is essential to break the cycle of violence and we’ll continue to advocate for women and children to keep them safe.

We use five key areas to identify and secure the support needed

Our practice model, known as the ‘SunnyKids Virtual Village’ incorporates children, young people and families in a broad-based partnership with government, private and community sector stakeholders. The ‘SunnyKids Virtual Village’ uses five key areas to identify and secure the support that at-risk children, young people and families need in order to be their best.