Paul Nay – PMCN Consulting

Number crunching isn’t for everyone, but for Paul Nay, Director of PMCN Consulting, it’s his specialty. With a love for numbers and our local Sunshine Coast community, you’ll be hard pressed to find another accountant like him! Specialising in quality accounting, taxation and management consulting services, Paul is committed to providing exceptional accounting expertise in a friendly and timely manner.

Paul’s love for helping small businesses grow might just be the very reason why he is in fact one of our foundation members. SunnyKids has grown significantly over the last twenty years, much of this growth was made possible by our loyal network of P100 members. A village of tremendously generous and supportive SunnyKids supporters, who continue to give both their time and money to help those in need right here in our local community.

At the heart of many P100 supporters is a desire to see change in our community, giving back is just one way they see it possible to help make this happen. “There are many ways to help the local community and one important aspect is ensuring that donations stay within the local area. This can have a significant impact on the community’s well-being and overall development,” says Paul.

Having a network of strong connections with hundreds of service providers right here on the Sunshine Coast has enabled SunnyKids to develop an effective and efficient way of providing integrated services and high-level care, to thousands of local children and families. Developing strong community connections really helps drive action and meaningful change.

What makes people give and join our P100 village is quite often personal but there’s no doubt that for most of our supporters it’s driven by an immense desire to help those experiencing hardship. “I enjoy being in a position where I can assist those who really need help. I understand what it’s like to need help when you’re vulnerable. Seeing how our support is helping those in need is a highlight for me,” Paul says.

Paul’s ongoing commitment to SunnyKids and our P100 village is extremely appreciated. We continue to be humbled by the generosity of our local supporters. Every single dollar goes an extremely long way towards keeping the wheels turning and our programs operational. Without the support and generosity of our P100 village, much of the work we do would not be possible.

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