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We’re excited to welcome Mal Wright and his team at the Coolum Surf Club to our P100 Village. Having been General Manager of the club for over 11 years, Mal is extremely passionate about giving back to the community and helping families and children impacted by domestic and family violence.

“I believe giving back is essential, especially for not-for-profit community clubs like Coolum Surf Club. Our primary mission is not to make someone richer; it’s to enhance the community we serve. Every bit of profit we generate is channeled back into the community, aiming to create a better, safer environment, particularly for children to grow up in,” says Mal.

The Coolum Surf Club is iconic, with breathtaking views of Coolum Beach, all the way from Point Perry to Sunshine Beach. And if you happen to visit during peak whale watching season, you’re almost guaranteed to witness these majestic creatures while enjoying your meal.

“The Coolum Surf Club is not only one of the best restaurants in Coolum, we are the heart of the Coolum Beach community. When it comes to the Sunshine Coast, there’s a lot to love. First off, the weather is absolutely phenomenal. Then you have the incredible beaches—Noosa, Coolum, Mooloolaba, you name it. The area has a very relaxed and laid-back vibe, which I find reminiscent of what the Gold Coast was like 30 years ago. Though it’s becoming increasingly popular, the natural beauty of the Sunshine Coast, especially the beaches and the hinterland, remains unbeatable. We are really blessed to have the best of both worlds here.”

At the heart of SunnyKids is an unwavering commitment to helping children who are impacted by the devastating effects of domestic and family violence. With the support of local businesses and individuals rallying together to help create substantial and meaningful change, we can help children break free from intergenerational violence and hardship. Our P100 Village keep the wheels turning and the programs and services we’re offering in the community up and running. They also become important members of our village and help us promote the incredible work we’re doing in the community to help drive action and change.

“As a P100 member, my primary goal is to offer initial support to SunnyKids. But beyond that, I’m looking forward to inspiring other businesses and individuals to also become P100 members. This is a relatively small way to provide immediate support to SunnyKids, but we’re actively looking at larger avenues for supporting them as well. Being a P100 member also allows Coolum Surf Club to promote the initiative, increasing awareness and hopefully encouraging more memberships,” says Mal.

“What I truly love about my job is the opportunity to work for a not-for-profit community club—specifically, the Coolum Surf Club. Our mission is highly focused on supporting Coolum Beach Surf Life Saving Club so that they can maintain life saving efforts in the community and to support the broader Coolum not-for-profit community, both financially and in-kind. This is possibly the most supportive club I’ve ever been a part of in terms of what we contribute to the community. Additionally, I cherish the team we have in place. We have dedicated and customer-focused staff who collaborate well, support each other and are continually focused on improvement.”

SunnyKids continue to be humbled by the generosity that is very clearly alive and well on the Coast. It’s these acts of kindness from people in our community that excite us. We’re able to witness the SunnyKids brand and messaging work its way into conversations in office kitchens, staff rooms, school grounds and among businesses large and small. We know that through collective action and voice we’ll be able to raise awareness of the impacts of domestic and family violence and support thousands of children who need our help.

“When I discovered that SunnyKids’ mission revolves around aiding kids and families affected by domestic violence I was inspired to help. Given that Coolum Surf Club has been strong in advocating against domestic violence, this resonated with me,” says Mal.

SunnyKids is so excited to welcome the team at the Coolum Surf Club into our P100 Village and look forward to working together to help break the cycle of violence in our community.

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