Sally Desch – HRM

To say Sally Desch of HRM is a loyal supporter of SunnyKids, would have to be an understatement. Having been involved with SunnyKids for nearly 10 years she’s been a Board member, the Chair of the Board and a P100 member.

Sally’s passion for helping children and families experiencing hardship stems from an unwavering commitment to give everyone a fair go. Having been Director of HRM since 2005, she’s a Sunshine Coast local with a strong interest in supporting families and seeing people shine.

HRM are the largest recruitment and human resources agency on the Sunshine Coast. “We get to change peoples’ lives every day. We get to find the right job for them and we work with businesses to ensure they’re maximising their people potential,” Sally says.

Working with people and seeing them thrive is at the heart of Sally’s drive. A mother of two young children, she’s acutely aware of the opportunities that some children miss out on. It’s this knowledge that inspired Sally to become a P100 member, “I believe every child deserves the same opportunities as mine and being a part of the P100 community means I can support families right here on the Sunshine Coast,” she says.

SunnyKids has grown over the last few years and watching the organisation expand and evolve has been a highlight for many P100 members. Sally reinforces this, “seeing the SunnyKids team grow has been a highlight for me, this essentially means they’re able to support more families”.

It’s our P100 members that keep the wheels turning here at SunnyKids and without our loyal supporters, much of the work we do wouldn’t happen. They really are the lifeblood of our organisation and we continue to be humbled by their generosity and commitment. “It’s important to give back and contribute,” says Sally, “to give everyone a fair chance at reaching their full potential and to thrive. It really does take a village”.

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