Ange Hore – Key Worker

Ange Hore is one of our SunnyKids Key Workers in our Women’s and Children’s Family and Domestic Violence Refuge. She started her career with SunnyKids as a student during her counselling placement. Being the superstar that she is, Ange quickly snapped up a position as a Support Worker in our refuge.  

Ange brings with her a depth of knowledge and experience which is a direct result of her very creative and broad employment history.  Having dabbled in a variety of different industries and sectors, like health and fitness and media and advertising, she knows her stuff and is a very calm and reassuring sounding board, for many in the team. Having recently completed her Bachelor of Counselling, Ange is an absolute asset to the SunnyKids team. 

“My typical day at SunnyKids involves assisting clients with service supports, such as financial, legal, therapeutic and educational support,” says Ange. “I also provide direct emotional support and education on domestic and family violence. I help women find their independence and voice and I get to interact and play with the kids and help them find their voice as well.” 

Much of the work our frontline staff face each day is confronting and draining. How they manage this information and workload is detrimental to their well-being. “I go home and find gratitude in the small moments with my family,” says Ange. “Seeing them laugh, finding strength in their accomplishments and being able to share in the special moments with them, is crucial for my own mental health.” 

Our SunnyKids DFV support workers are incredibly passionate about the work they do. They’re determined to help women and children who have been impacted by domestic violence, get back on their feet. Many of these individuals have escaped violence and trauma and come to us with only the clothes on their back. They come carrying the scars of family breakdown and abuse and many struggle to imagine a life outside of what they’ve always known. 

 “Working as part of an incredible team of strong, vulnerable and empowering women is a highlight for me.  We work together with our clients to empower and help them find strength and value in their lives at a time that is often stressful and traumatic,” Ange says. 

The lasting impact of domestic and family violence on children and their families is devastating. Much of the work our frontline staff do, centres solely around equipping these women and children with the skills they need to get back on their feet. Finding the strength to move forward, one day at a time. Trauma tends to reveal itself in different ways for different people and for many of the families in our care, the healing process is fragile and slow.  

“The insight I have gained working in the domestic and family violence sector is incredible. My advice for anyone wanting to work in this space is to learn as much about the system and how it works as you can. The types of language used and how to protect and reduce harm. Then it goes without saying, you must remember to look out for yourself and implement self-care because you can’t fill from an empty cup,” says Ange. 

SunnyKids ensures all staff are continually learning and engaging in professional development. This is critical as the DFV space changes over time and as we become more aware of the different ways violence and coercive control takes place and the impacts this has on our clients and their families.  

“I am continually learning,” says Ange. “There is so much more I can learn about how to help, how to support and how to empower the women and children in our care. I’m looking forward to growing and evolving in this space, it’s exciting and intriguing and I’m enjoying the challenge.” 

Our dedicated team of SunnyKids support workers really are magnificent. They carry the load of many and remain calm and measured during times of extreme chaos and stress.  They empower the voiceless, provide a much-needed shoulder to cry on and lift the spirits of so many children who are struggling to make sense of the space they are in. It’s not easy working at the coalface of DFV and for this, we’ll be forever grateful for the incredible work that our frontline staff provide. 

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