Meet Jordyn, founder of Burlesque L’amour

Remember when you were younger and you’d dance the night away without a care in the world? High heels on and lost in the music. Feeling free and liberated, moving to the beat, smiling from ear to ear. Jordyn, founder of Burlesque L’amour has replicated just this in her dance studios across the Sunshine Coast. You’ll find women of all ages dancing to a variety of music, burlesque style of course, lost in the magic of the music, empowered and confident.  

What started as a small business operating from her parents’ garage, Jordyn’s passion for dance and the incredible feeling she felt while expressing herself through movement, ignited something from within. “I had such a love and passion for dance and the way it made me feel,” Jordyn says. “Through dance and the style of dance I loved, I felt so empowered and gained so much self-confidence. I knew that I needed to share this with other women. Ten years later and we have over six locations and 350 members.” 

But it’s not all about the music. Jordyn has seen a large portion of the women who attend her classes speak up about the devastating impacts of domestic and family violence. “Unfortunately, through my work I have met too many survivors of domestic violence. Since we have been doing our White Lies show and dancing against domestic violence, we have seen the courage that this has given women within our community to come forward and ask for support if they need it,” Jordyn asserts. 

The Burlesque L’amour show White Lies, shines a light on the devastating impacts of domestic violence within our community and creates a space for women to feel a sense of belonging.  Jordyn has seen firsthand the positive impacts that dance has had on many of the women who join her dance studio. “I have seen the positive impact that our brand and community can have on a woman’s journey back to self-love. I feel so blessed to witness this profoundly positive impact on a daily basis,” she says.  

Much of the work we do here at SunnyKids, centres around empowering women and helping them find their voice, build their confidence and find a supportive village. Jordyn has created this haven for women at Burlesque L’amour, a place to dance and be unapologetically themselves in a fun and nurturing environment.  

This jam-packed evening is a night full of dance and entertainment, showcasing the incredibly talented dancers at Burlesque L’amour with all funds raised going directly to SunnyKids. Jordyn has always been a big supporter of SunnyKids and the White Lies show continues to be a major fundraiser for us. “I always hoped our shows would bring awareness to the impact of domestic violence and shine a spotlight on the amazing work SunnyKids are doing in our community,” says Jordyn.  

“I love that dance encourages you to be unapologetically yourself. To express yourself exactly how you feel in that moment. We encourage our dancers to be just that. Unapologetically themselves. And they will be supported by our community for the entire journey,” she says.  

We’re extremely thankful for the support of Jordyn and her incredible dancers at Burlesque L’amour. This event is very special to SunnyKids and we continue to be moved by the bravery and courage of the women who’ve joined Burlesque L’amour and shine brightly with a new-found confidence and voice.  We’re in awe. Thank you. 

Dancing against domestic violence, we couldn’t think of a greater reason to get up and move. If you’d like to see these incredible dancers in action and support SunnyKids at the same time, make sure you book your tickets today.   

Get your tickets today: 20th April from 7pm-10pm 

Tickets are $67.50 + fees (inc. cocktail on arrival). 

Find out more and book your tickets today.

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