Meet Greg Tindall at MiQ Private Wealth *Proud Sponsor*

We’re excited to have Greg Tindall, Practice Principal at MiQ Private Wealth as one of this year’s sponsors of the Travis Schultz Winemakers Master Class backed by NAB Private Wealth for SunnyKids event.   

Greg is a highly skilled and qualified adviser who specialises in providing superior financial advice and ongoing personalised service to clients. He makes it his business to thoroughly understand his client’s evolving needs and priorities so he can deliver tailor-made solutions. 

Providing a comprehensive range of financial advice including retirement planning, superannuation and SMSF, retirement income streams, investment management, cashflow management, wealth protection and estate planning.  

Greg’s decade-long dedication to SunnyKids stands as a testament to his deep commitment to uplifting the most vulnerable members of our community. His unwavering support as a P100 member since the initiative’s inception has been instrumental in ensuring a steady stream of funding, enabling SunnyKids to consistently offer their vital services. “Being part of the P100 from the very start has given me a unique perspective on the impact of our contributions,” Greg reflects. “It’s immensely gratifying to see the tangible differences we’ve made in people’s lives through our continuous support.” 

“Raising awareness about the valuable work SunnyKids do supporting our region’s most vulnerable is integral. I’m inspired by the excellent job they are doing at supporting at-risk families in our local community.” 

We’re continually inspired by the generous individuals and organisations who get behind our cause and support the vital work we do on the Sunshine Coast.  Much of what we do just wouldn’t be possible without this ongoing support and compassion.  

Last year we provided almost 9000 bed nights to women and children who had nowhere else to go. This number continues to climb alongside demand for our additional support services, such as counselling, domestic violence safety planning and child educational support services such as Mentoring Through Sport and SunnyKids in Schools.  

When we’re consciously compassionate and show an active interest in the issues being faced by vulnerable groups within our region, meaningful change can take place. Giving back is at the very heart of our supporters who want to have an impact and see change.  

Greg encapsulates this spirit, expressing, “Contributing to such a noble cause is deeply rewarding. The Winemakers Master Class event offers a marvellous platform to generate essential funds for SunnyKids.” 

We’re immensely grateful for the support of Greg Tindall at MiQ Private Wealth for supporting SunnyKids for so many years and for being one of this year’s Winemakers Master Class sponsors. Greg’s continued support, generosity and strong sense of social responsibility has no doubt had a profound impact on so many of those most vulnerable in our community.  

Find out more about how to support us here.

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