Meet Jason Garland at Secure Access IT *Proud Sponsor*

We’re extremely excited to have Secure Access IT as one of this year’s sponsors of the Travis Schultz Winemakers Master Class backed by NAB Private Wealth for SunnyKids event.    

Jason Garland, Founder & Chief Technology Officer of Secure Access IT has been a SunnyKids supporter for over two years and he continually puts his hand up to participate in fundraising initiatives and be involved in sponsorship for our events.   

As well as being P100 members, Jason and the team are extremely passionate about helping women and children impacted by domestic and family violence. This level of passion and commitment to the work we do has been incredible and we’re extremely grateful.  

As a locally owned and operated business that opened its doors to the public in 1999, Secure Access IT have firmly established themselves as one of the Sunshine Coast’s most trusted Business Technology providers. This is a direct result of their steadfast commitment to ensuring every client receives personalised support in line with their organisational needs.  

The team at Secure Access IT ensures the technology deployed in each business it partners with is strategically aligned with achieving the best productivity, operational and cyber security outcomes for that business.   This level of detail and care is what separates them from the rest. 

We were inspired to become SunnyKids supporters because of the incredible work we could see they were doing in the community,” says Jason. “We truly believe all children deserve the best possible start in life so that they have the opportunity to succeed and thrive into adulthood.” 

Many of our supporters are dedicated to helping children in our local community reach their full potential, especially those facing adversity and who desperately require our support. 

“When we hear about the remarkable work SunnyKids are doing in our community we’re reminded of the small part we’re playing in helping achieve this,” says Jason. “Some of the stories are devastating and knowing that we’re actually doing something to help, motivates us all to keep being involved.” 

Having a strong sense of corporate social responsibility is at the very heart of our supporters, demonstrating a genuine commitment to others and a capacity to care about the issues facing our community.  

“We have a responsibility as business owners and members of the Sunshine Coast community to care about the issues facing our most vulnerable. These are women and children that live among us, they are part of our community, we have a responsibility to do something to help,” says Jason. 

“We are very much devoted to ensuring children impacted by domestic and family violence get the help they need to thrive. Giving back to the community that we live in is humbling. After all, this community is the very foundation of our business. Playing a part in helping children receive education, vital support services and adequate healthcare is the least we can do.” 

We’re extremely grateful for the ongoing support of the team at Secure Access IT and for their sponsorship of this year’s Winemakers Master Class. Jason and his team have played an important role in helping us continue the vital work we do in our community, helping make a significant difference to the lives of our most vulnerable.  

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