Meet John Burnie at NAB Private Wealth *Proud Sponsor*

NAB Private Wealth are proud sponsors of this year’s Travis Schultz Winemakers Master Class, supporting SunnyKids for the seventh consecutive year. 

NAB Private Wealth Client Director, John Burnie admits to initially knowing very little about SunnyKids prior to being invited on to the SunnyKids board and later becoming Chairperson and Director. It didn’t take long for John to become acutely aware of the vital work we do, and the devastating impacts that domestic and family violence has on women and children.  

“I’ve been fortunate in my life to not have experienced domestic violence and have lived a relatively comfortable life,” says John. “I think it’s extremely important to support those who find themselves in these devastating circumstances.” 

This year’s Winemakers Master Class will be raising money for our SunnyKids in Schools (SKIS) and Mentoring Through Sport (MTS) programs, which are critical initiatives in helping change the trajectory of the lives of thousands of vulnerable children here on the Coast. 

We know that when a child experiences major adversity in early childhood, the impacts can last a lifetime.  That’s why it’s so important to ensure children impacted by trauma receive the help they need to thrive.  

Our SunnyKids Mentoring Through Sport programs aim to help those children who need a little extra support. Partnering with the Brisbane Broncos, this creative initiative operates within schools and offers children the opportunity to shine in a setting conducive to building and strengthening relationships. 

At the end of these sessions, SunnyKids support workers and school teachers see a significant shift in behaviour and in the child’s confidence and sense of self.  The use of sport and positive role modelling has a very positive impact on these children, helping them open up and learn more about themselves and their environment.   

“Being a sponsor of this important event and a part of the SunnyKids village brings me a great deal of satisfaction,” says John. “I like knowing that I’m playing a small part in making the lives of our most vulnerable in our community, that little bit better.” 

In the last year SunnyKids supported over 2400 individuals with over 1500 of these being children. Each year, demand for our services increase and we call on our incredible supporters to help us.   

It is very clear that corporate social responsibility is at the very heart of our SunnyKids sponsors, demonstrating a profound awareness of the issues impacting the lives of so many on the Sunshine Coast and using their compassion to help drive change. 

“I was moved beyond words recently when I attended the SunnyKids Christmas party at the refuge with CEO, Kathleen Hope. To see the children in the refuge so happy, enjoying games and receiving Christmas presents from Santa, was an absolute highlight for me,” says John.  

We are continually overwhelmed by the level of support and generosity that is very much alive and well. We’re extremely grateful for the ongoing support of NAB Private Wealth and for being one of the sponsors of this year’s Winemakers Master Class event. With the support and commitment of those in our community, we continue to be able to drive meaningful change and help our most vulnerable.  

Find out more about how to support us here.

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