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As the name would suggest, Travis Schultz & Partners (TSP) are very proud sponsors of this year’s Travis Schultz Winemakers Master Class. This annual SunnyKids fundraising event was founded by Travis Schultz and has been supported by Travis and his team for 12 years.  

Travis Schultz & Partners is a compensation law firm that was born out of a very simple idea. Establish a boutique law firm that is committed to social justice for all, while not being afraid to do things differently. Each day you’ll find the TSP team helping people make claims for an event, incident or accident that happened anywhere in Queensland.  

With offices on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Cairns (and they’ll visit other regions too), the TSP team offer cutting-edge compensation law expertise, without the price tag.  They pride themselves on being fair, with their fee structure significantly lower than the industry average. They’re extremely passionate about ensuring their clients receive the lion’s share of their settlement. 

Travis Schultz, Managing Partner at TSP, has been a longstanding supporter of SunnyKids.  Giving back to the community in which he lives is part of who he is. I was inspired to become a supporter of SunnyKids because of the work that they do in supporting disadvantaged children and families, particularly where there are victims of domestic violence,” Travis says.  

When Travis made SunnyKids the beneficiaries of a charity ride fundraiser, he became instantly motivated to help us raise our profile on the Sunshine Coast. This genuine support and long-term dedication has been instrumental in helping SunnyKids grow and deliver vital programs and support services to children and their families. 

When I first discovered SunnyKids (over 12 years ago now), they were doing great work in a very understated and low-key way. They really lacked the profile of some of the other more corporate styles of charity and their cause and service delivery resonated with me,” says Travis. 

One of the highlights for me in being a supporter of SunnyKids has been seeing the difference that SunnyKids programs are making to children whose education and personal growth has been impacted by domestic violence, to get back on track and flourish through their high school years. Some of the stories we hear of the successes are inspiring, and it’s just nice to know that through supporting SunnyKids, we are able to make a very real difference to these children and their families. The changes that the SunnyKids programs make can be life altering.” 

At the very heart of our supporters is an unwavering commitment to helping others. With a passion to create change and have a positive impact on those facing adversity in their local community. There is no doubt that TSP have played a large role in helping us lift the profile of our SunnyKids programs and the critical work we provide vulnerable children. 

This year’s Travis Schultz Winemakers Master Class will be raising money for our SunnyKids in Schools (SKIS) and Mentoring Through Sport (MTS) programs. These programs play a vital role in helping our most disadvantaged children. Helping us break the cycle of intergenerational violence by providing children with the life-changing support they desperately require. 

I feel that all of us who are in professional services and business on the Sunshine Coast need to do all we can to give back to support the community that supports us,” Travis says. It’s a moral responsibility.  If we don’t do it, then who will?  We live in the best place in the country and can enjoy a great lifestyle and make a living through the support we get from our community – so why shouldn’t we do all we possibly can to support the community that we rely on for our own existence?”  

We continue to be overwhelmed by the generosity and ongoing support of Travis and the team at Travis Schultz & Partners. Much of the work we do is made possible because of their strong desire to give back and help our most vulnerable.  

Find out more about how to support us here.

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