Meet Melissa, Wojtek and Arlan Stainwald of Zaleta *Proud Sponsor* –

This year we’re extremely excited to welcome Zaleta as proud new sponsors of the Travis Schultz Winemakers Master Class backed by NAB Private Wealth for SunnyKids event. Melissa, Wojtek and Arlan Stainwald are proud owners of this family owned and operated Sunshine Coast business.  

With family forming the foundation of their business model, the team at Zaleta work tirelessly to build the homes of their clients’ dreams. Father and son duo, Wojtek and Arlan never compromise on quality or design, professing to never hand over the keys to a home that they would not be happy to live in themselves. 

“Our role as two builders and a creative mind is to dream big and work tirelessly, to bring the Zaleta dream to life,” says Wojtek. “Our name is our promise – quality. The Zaleta story is all about family and our commitment to redefine the home build experience.” 

“Crafting quality lifestyle homes is our priority, so too is ensuring a positive journey, with our family looking after yours every step of the way. We want to ensure we deliver your Zaleta, home sweet home and that’s our commitment.” 

While Zaleta are new SunnyKids supporters, it’s very easy to see why they’ve jumped on board to support our cause and the vital work we do within our community. With family being at the very core of who they are, helping our most vulnerable children during times of hardship just makes sense and is extremely important to them. 

“Our family are new to SunnyKids but we have lived here on the Sunshine Coast for many years and are aware of the amazing work they do,” says Melissa. “Our family comes from humble means and have overcome extremely challenging times in our lives. Through sheer determination, persistence and support from amazing people around us and within our community, we have been able to build a bright future for our family. We feel that with success comes an opportunity to support those in need and contribute to the community as a whole.” 

With demand for SunnyKids’ services continuing to increase year-on-year, much of the work we do just wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of our supporters. Building our village is what enables us to drive meaningful change and have a real impact on improving the lives of our most vulnerable children and their families.  

This year’s event will be raising essential funds for our SunnyKids in Schools and Mentoring Through Sport programs, which play a critical role in helping children gain the support they need to thrive.  At the very heart of our work is a commitment to helping children and their families increase capacity and improve family function, making life safer for children. This is only made possible through our wonderful community who continue to support us and give so generously to keep these programs up and running. 

“Community values are at the core of everything we do,” says Wojtek. “We believe in giving back and supporting organisations that make a real difference in people’s lives. We knew that supporting this event and SunnyKids would be a meaningful contribution we could make.”  

A lot more than bricks and mortar, Zaleta is built on a foundation where family and community play an integral role in shaping their vision not only for their business but for the Sunshine Coast community as well.  

“We love the difference that SunnyKids makes within our community and being a part of the village enables us to meet with like-minded people to genuinely make a difference to those around us, ” Melissa asserts. 

We’re extremely excited to have the support of Zaleta for this major event and continue to be grateful for the generosity of our village of SunnyKids supporters, thank you. Together we’re breaking the cycle of violence and making life safer for kids. 

 Find out more about how to support us here.

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