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Michael Molloy

What is it that builds a strong and vibrant community that cares? We think we know the answer. After spending years working alongside loyal SunnyKids P100 members and getting to know the reasons for them supporting our cause, we’ve discovered something special. At the heart of all our members is a deep desire to build a Sunshine Coast Community that cares. By connecting with SunnyKids and supporting the vital work we do in the community, we’re building a meaningful and purposeful village of like-minded people, absolutely devoted to giving back. 

Michael Molloy is Managing Director of dtb! Advertising which was established on the Sunshine Coast in 1991. Having been P100 members with SunnyKids for three years, Michael and the team have been incredible supporters of our work. We were lucky enough to work with dtb! Advertising on our latest website re-build and we were delighted with the level of service and support we received. This team are the real deal and we’ve loved getting to know them all. 

“I love having the opportunity to work with a diverse range of businesses across a wide range of marketing and advertising projects,” says Michael. “To deliver outcomes that make a real difference with the support of an experienced and talented team of marketing professionals is so rewarding.” 

dtb! Advertising offer a wide range of marketing services to our community, partnering with businesses to help them grow their brand, reputation and revenue. “We offer real marketing, advertising and media solutions to help businesses attract more customers, more often. Specifically, we develop brand, marketing and business plans as well as media planning and buying, website design, build and promotion, social media, graphic design and public relations. We are here to help businesses achieve their business goals – let’s get down to business,” Michael says. 

Drawn to the mantra ‘It takes a village’, Michael and the team felt becoming P100 members was an important part of helping build a Sunshine Coast community that cares. “The opportunity to partner with so many other like-minded businesses to help make a real difference for vulnerable children and their families is a highlight for us,” he says. 

Our P100 Village is such an integral part of our community. The regular support we receive, both monetary and in-kind, shapes much of the work we do. We’ve come to love our quarterly gatherings, mingling with our members informally is a brilliant way for us to get to know the generosity behind every organisation that supports us.  

“SunnyKids is one of those organisations that makes a remarkable impact on the lives of people who really need our support,” Michael says. “Meeting up with other P100 members at regular events and gaining greater understanding and appreciation of the difference SunnyKids achieves across our community is something we’ve come to really enjoy.” 

Building a community that cares and looks out for those doing it tough is such an important part of helping break cycles of abuse and disadvantage. When we engage and educate our community on the devastating impacts of domestic violence, we’re able to raise crucial awareness of the issues that many of our clients face.  

“I think giving back is vital for building a more compassionate, connected and sustainable community here on the Sunshine Coast. It fosters a sense of shared responsibility and contributes to positive outcomes. Plus, it also provides me with a greater sense of fulfillment and purpose, aligns to my personal and business values and helping others provides you with a greater sense of well-being – it feels not just right, but good,” says Michael.     

We think our P100 Village members are spectacular! Giving back to the community in which they live, with a very real sense of both corporate and individual responsibility to help build a safer and brighter future for those facing adversity.  

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