Lyn Moore – An unwavering commitment to helping those in need

Lyn Moore, Sunshine Coast Quota Club President, was only seven years of age when she began actively volunteering in her local community. Growing up in a small country town, where rallying together and supporting each other was second nature, this became the foundation of what can only be described as an unwavering commitment to helping those who need it most.  

Those early years, volunteering at events and helping raise money for people doing it tough, had a profound influence on Lyn. Fast forward a few years and Lyn is now a devoted Quota Club member of 30 years, Sunshine Coast Quota Club President and regular SunnyKids volunteer.

We got lucky!

Lyn and the Sunshine Coast Quota club have become regular supporters of our cause and have not only raised essential funds for our vital support services but volunteered their time at our major events. Is there anything they can’t do?

If you’re wondering what the Sunshine Coast Quota Club is all about, they’re a community services organisation dedicated to assisting those in need.

“Most of our funds are given to organisations that assist victims/survivors of domestic violence,” says Lyn. “Our club is quite small, so we tend to run three or four functions a year, which generally involve a fashion parade, trivia event and a pop-up lunch.”

The Sunshine Coast Quota Club is set up to bring like-minded people together to actively help support those facing adversity. What’s inspiring is, these women meet regularly to proactively get involved in their community and support organisations just like SunnyKids.

Lyn Moore (left) alongside Quota Club volunteers.

“Our club has been driven to support women and children on the Sunshine Coast, and SunnyKids has a great reputation for providing incredible support to them. Our members are impressed by SunnyKids and how they are benefiting people on the Coast,” Lyn asserts.

When it comes to volunteering, Lyn and the crew regularly put their hands up to help! Assisting with the setting-up of events, selling raffle tickets at the Mayoral Ball and donating funds and hand-made bags for children in need.

“It’s a highlight for us when we get to meet the SunnyKids team and observe their passion and commitment to the community,” says Lyn. “We thoroughly enjoy volunteering at events and getting to see first-hand how the community support them as well.”

While Lyn has been an active volunteer within our community for many years, she says the Quota Club members continue to be alarmed at the rates of domestic and family violence within our community.

“The number of people impacted by domestic violence on the Coast, here in our community, astounds us. It’s truly shocking and we are glad to be able to support victims/survivors, even if it’s in a small way.”

“While volunteering we’ve learnt a lot about what SunnyKids does and the programs they run,” says Lyn. “We’ve learnt about their school programs and how they’re able to help children learn about healthy relationships. Also, just how far their support extends, like providing emergency accommodation, safety planning, fuel cards and food vouchers.”

For those who haven’t yet ventured into the wonderful world of volunteering, Lyn has some sage advice. “Get involved and support SunnyKids in any way you can because they’re trying to make a very real difference in the lives of victims/survivors of domestic and family violence and the innocent children who are also at risk.”

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