Meet John Calcino owner of The Post Office Bar & Nightclub

We’d like to welcome John Calcino, owner of The Post Office Bar & Nightclub on Ocean St, Maroochydore, to the SunnyKids P100 village.  With a love for entertainment and music, John’s dedicated to ensuring the ‘Posty’ provides just that. With an enviable set-up desirable for all age groups, such as two bars, a restaurant, a beer garden and a nightclub, the ‘Posty’ has become an institution within the entertainment space on the Coast.

Located in the old Maroochydore Post Office, this venue is oozing with character, perfect for functions, late-night live music and DJ dance sessions every Friday and Saturday. “I love that I get to provide a great place for entertaining people on the Sunny Coast,” says John. “We have the perfect venue here that caters to all styles of events, for all age groups and late-night entertainment.”

Like many of our SunnyKids P100 members, John was inspired to become a SunnyKids supporter out of strong desire to give back to the community in which he lives. “Wanting to help the less fortunate children on the Sunny Coast is vital for our community. I just feel like if you have capacity to help, then you should,” says John.

Each year demand for our services continues to rise, with 500 reported incidents of domestic and family violence taking place each day in Queensland. The support and generosity of our P100 village ensures we’re able to keep up with this demand through implementation of our vital support services.

The drive for many of our P100 members is to have a positive impact on individuals facing adversity. “Being a part of the P100 village, something that’s big and making a difference, is important to me,” John explains. “I know I’ll feel a great sense of satisfaction through helping people less fortunate than myself.”

When John’s not serving up a cocktail or organising live entertainment for his venue, don’t be surprised if you spot him doing something outrageously adventurous. “There’s a little-known fun fact that I once ran with the bulls in Pamplona and then ended up in a Spanish Hospital,” John laughs.

Laughs aside, John is a fun loving and positive soul who is extremely passionate about giving back to the local community in which he lives and works. “Giving back is hugely important,” says John. “Everyone can do it! If money isn’t an option, then actions can still play a large role in giving back to the community.”

It’s the generosity of our supporters that enables us to continue the critical work we do with vulnerable women and children. There’s not a day in the office where our frontline workers aren’t supporting a client who’s enduring the unimaginable. We are so very grateful for our P100 village and the ongoing support they provide us.

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