Mandy Napier – P100 Member and High Performance Mindset Coach

Mandy Napier is a High Performance Mindset Coach at Mindset for Success and a valuable P100 member at SunnyKids.

Many of us start the new year with new goals and aspirations. As we reflect on the year gone by, we often start a new year by looking at our nutrition and physical wellbeing first, joining gyms, signing up to fitness clubs, eating healthier… we all know how it goes. Very often we neglect to consider the importance of cultivating healthier habits to improve our overall mindset.

Mandy Napier is a High-Performance Mindset Coach at Mindset for Success and knows just how important it is to invest in yourself.  The mind is a powerful tool and has the capacity to influence many aspects of our thinking and daily functioning.  Mandy specialises in coaching individuals, professionals, teams and athletes, helping them overcome obstacles so they’re able to reach their personal and professional goals.

“I love being able to help people see what they can’t see,” says Mandy. “We all have our blind spots and hidden patterns and it is only when we are aware, that we can change. I then equip people with the tools to change and show them ‘how’ to do it. I love seeing people shine, transform and create extraordinary results, creating a wonderful positive ripple effect into the world.”

Mandy’s programs vary in length from three sessions to three, six or 12 months. The flexibility is designed to fit into our busy schedules and meet a variety of needs. Sessions can be a half-day to one or two days with options for longer periods as well. There are also a variety of online self-study courses and small group programs available.

At the very heart of Mandy’s work is a deep devotion to helping people pay attention to what their body is telling them. Checking in with your body and mind and listening for the clues that’s suggesting things aren’t right. As Mandy often says, ‘The magic begins in the mind’!

Giving back is at the very heart of our P100 Village. Many of our members are drawn to our cause because they have a strong commitment to our community and want to help those doing it tough. Locals helping locals.

“Being a business owner and living locally, I have known about SunnyKids for a while. It was when listening to a presentation at a business meeting, hearing about the huge number of children in need here on the Coast, I knew I had to join the P100 Village,” says Mandy.

Our P100 Village members enable us to plan our work with greater certainty. The monthly financial commitment means we can ensure continuity and keep up with the pace of demand. “I like the fact that our membership covers the administrative costs, which means every other dollar raised goes directly to helping the local community,” Mandy says.

We thoroughly enjoy getting to know our P100 members, many of their stories and inspiration for giving back to the community, reminding us of how incredibly supportive our village is. “A highlight for me as a P100 member is connecting with other inspiring members and reading about the success stories and work SunnyKids are doing,” says Mandy.

It’s easy to see why Mandy is a P100 member, with a strong community focus underpinning her value base and an inherent desire to help others reach their full potential. “I think giving back is a fundamental requirement of being a good human,” says Mandy. “We must never lose sight of how lucky we all are and it’s important to lend a helping hand, whether physically, emotionally or financially. We are all humans and connection is a basic need.”

We’re extremely grateful for the ongoing support of our P100 members, without their generosity and commitment to our cause, much of the work we do just wouldn’t happen. Over the years our P100 Village has grown and we’ve been lucky enough to meet some remarkably compassionate people. It’s our Village and strong sense of community that continually warms our heart and fills our cup. Thank you.

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