Ferre De Deyne – Founding Member – Celebrating 10 years – SunnyKids P100 Village –

Founding members, living and breathing the SunnyKids vision. 

This year has been a remarkable year of milestones for SunnyKids; celebrating 25 years of changing lives and ten years of our P100 Village regular giving program. These are significant moments in the life of SunnyKids and have formed the foundation by which we have grown and evolved.

It’s only fitting that we showcase the individuals who have helped drive our P100 Village, after all it’s this generosity and unwavering commitment to our cause that has helped us grow and achieve so much.

When Ferre De Deyne, owner of the Big Kart Track became a founding P100 member ten years ago, little did he know that he would become part of a very special group in the eyes of the SunnyKids Village.

Our founding members, live and breathe the SunnyKids vision and continue to provide ongoing support by way of regular giving, supporting and attending our major events, driving appeals within their organisation, donating gifts at Christmas time and coordinating their own internal events to raise awareness and funds for our cause.

This generosity does not go unseen and continues to be one of the driving forces and motivation for our team. “Giving back to the community in which we live is important to me,” says Ferre. “I became a member all those years ago because I wanted to be a part of something that helped the children in our community. SunnyKids does a great job at helping children who need it, this is why I continue to give.”

Ferre is well known for his fun loving and adventurous personality, but it’s his commitment to the Coast and his strong sense of social responsibility that is truly special.  In June this year, Ferre helped facilitate a SunnyKids fundraising event at the Big Kart Track. What was truly a fun and exhilarating fundraiser was made even more special because we had the support and guidance of Ferre and his team.

“I’m extremely lucky in my job, each day I get to be responsible for injecting a little bit of fun into peoples’ lives,” Ferre says. “Being a part of the P100 Village means I also get to give back and help children and their families who need it most.”

Our P100 Village founding members have played such a significant role in supporting the vital work we do, shaping the landscape for how we meet the critical needs of women and children impacted by domestic and family violence and adversity.  Their ongoing generosity helps us keep the wheels turning and the lights on and ensures the vital work we do on the frontline continues. For this reason, we’ll continue to be forever grateful for their ongoing support.

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